How I Almost Quit As A Self Taught Digital Artist

How I Almost Quit As A Self Taught Digital Artist

Watch The Video Below To Learn How I Overcame The Voice Of Self Doubt In
My Head And How I Became A Professional Without Going To Art School

Imagine Scrolling Social Media And
Stumbling Upon Some Amazing Art..
You get a rush.
You start feeling that burning desire to create.
You drop your phone and go to pick up your stylus.
What Happens Next?
You slowly start picturing the finished piece.
You see all the small details, what the features of the character would look like, everything makes so much sense..
You find yourself sitting in front of the white canvas.
You start the same way you've always started, with the part that you feel most comfortable with.
You begin drawing
When suddenly..
The feeling of doubt starts creeping in.
The more you try to express the idea you had imagined,
the more frustrated you become.
You start sensing that there's something missing but you don't know what it is.
You notice a significant difference between your current skill level and the creative ideas you have in mind.
You go back to watching Youtube videos and playing your favorite video game.
More inspiration kicks in and you feel ready to create.
..and the cycle repeats again.

Every Artist Has Experienced This Cycle

(especially if you’re self taught)

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As a self taught artist myself, I was stuck in this cycle for many many years.

I reached a point where it seemed like my art had hit a plateau and I was no longer making progress.

I felt unsure about what steps to take next and how to continue improving.

I didn’t really see any point to keep on drawing. I was ready to quit.

And I did. Multiple times.

Something kept me coming back to it though.

It wasn’t until I had a switch in my perspective that a whole new world opened up for me and everything changed.

In the video at the top of this page I talk about how I broke out of that cycle and what I’ve learned from my long journey as a self taught digital artist.

I’m hoping it will save you some of the pain and frustration that I had to deal with, and ultimately provide you with the tools to be able to carve your own unique art journey.

Angel Ganev

My name is Angel Ganev

I’m on a mission to inspire artists to improve at digital art and help them express themselves in a unique way.

For the past 10 years, I’ve dedicated my life to studying digital art and improving, trying to find what works and what doesn’t.

I’ve managed to make a living as a freelance illustrator, self-publish my own artbook with original characters, launch a successful Youtube channel and all of that without going to art school.

Now, I have one goal: to hone all the skills and learnings from this journey to help you not only improve at art but also find your unique style.

This is why I started Doodle Warriors, to create a community of artists who all share a similar goal so we can help each other and grow on this journey together.

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My Art Transformation

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What Other Professionals Are Saying

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Angel’s a wonderful artist and it’s been amazing seeing his growth and following his journey. I’m excited to see him share his knowledge and experience with other artists.


Angel Ganev is a super dedicated artist, I couldn’t help but admire the intense work he put into his daily portraits. I believe anyone learning from him will find his teachings massively helpful.